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Spotlight On…Israel’s Textile Industry

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Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

“Original”, “Creative”, “Trendsetting” All describe Israel’s fashion and textile apparel industry. Israeli designers have propelled their industry to world renown and acclaim with fashions that are sought by trendsetters around the world. As with a lot of Israeli industries, technology makes the difference. New, leading-edge ultrasonic bonding equipment that cuts and seals fabric pieces without the need for conventional sewing -known industry-wide as seamless construction -has propelled Israel to the forefront of the intimate apparel industry sector. Sophisticated high-tech equipment is also used in fabric printing, dyeing, and processing, as well as for manufacturing ultra thin nylon threads for use in pantyhose. Due to the prevalence of advanced production technology and the country’s willingness to try new methods and techniques, Israel’s textile manufacturers can readily produce original designs and patterns (and customize them for Third parties). Furthermore, the industry’s ability to resources quality raw materials, adhere to the strict quality assurance standards of Western markets, and promise on-time delivery all contribute to the industry’s worldwide reputation.

Around the world, Made in Israel products are known for their eye-catching designs, achieved using advanced printing, dyeing, and processing techniques to produce very high quality, high thread count, woven fabrics.
The products are so good that Israeli manufacturers are regularly invited to exhibit at prestigious trade shows in Europe and the United States and over the years they have won numerous prizes for excellence in textile design.

Added to all the benefits of dealing with the Israel textile industry is that Israel is the only country to have free trade agreements with Canada, Eastern Europe, EFTA, the European Union, Mexico, Turkey, and the United States. In addition, both Israel and Jordan benefit from a special QIZ agreement that enables them to jointly manufacture textile and apparel products and market them in the United States duty and quota free.

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