Watec 2011 – Food and Beverage Solutions Package

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Since its inception, Israel has been coping with water scarcity and has been treating the subject as a national priority. In addition, due to its political situation, the country is an “electric island”, meaning that it has to supply its own electricity demands. In light of the foregoing reasons, Israeli scientists and entrepreneurs have been constantly developing novel and efficient water and energy technologies to combat shortages. These technologies can benefit the world in dealing with water and energy scarcity concerns. In the case of energy, like in the case of water technologies, Israel has managed to turn its weakness into an advantage. In addition to that, a sophisticated packaging industry has been developed in Israel that addresses the global need to meet high environmental standards in package waste reduction.

As an essential part of many food and beverage production processes, water carries with it the potential for product contamination. Waterborne microorganisms present a serious, ongoing challenge to food and beverage manufacturers. Indeed, regulators strive to protect the food chain with increasingly stringent standards that demand high water quality.

Pathogenic microorganisms in water can lead to product contamination that can affect taste, odor and color, result in food spoilage, reduce shelf life and pose a danger to consumers. All these can inflict costly losses upon manufacturers and their brands which can be avoided by insisting on high water quality.

In addition, the treatment of water used in the manufacturing process is becoming an important issue as more governments insist and start regulating that water be treated before being released back into the environment to prevent contamination of natural resources from pollutants and chemicals.

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Amiad Golan
Aqwise Nirosoft
Arkal Odis
Atlantium PH2O
Blue I Raphael
BPT Steam Control
Checklight Takadu
CQM Treat C21
Curapipe Triple T

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