Top Stories – Israeli start-up in the Healthcare Industry

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Monday, October 3rd, 2011 is an exiting new Israeli start up, that is striving to change the way patients all over the world approach healthcare.

Facing medical concerns and dilemmas, patients are flocking to social health websites by the millions. They are desperately seeking medical information to become more informed about their health. At the same time, other patients are sharing their own personal experience and insights.

There are roughly 10 Billion patient discussions scattered throughout the Web, but no real way to sample this surge of data and get a snapshot of what they’re saying. It’s a messy sea of scattered information, with very little consistency and structure. In this reality, patients and healthcare professionals can generate very limited value from patient discussions.

Treato is changing this reality. Developed over 3 years by First Life Research, a company based in Yehud, treato uses novel technology to understand what patients are saying in their own words. It is nearly impossible to understand billions of discussions in the medical field – one of the most complex and sensitive topics discussed online. Deciphering this data is a significant challenge, requiring combined expertise in both computer science and psychology. My patient had to take Finasteride because of a bladder infection. During the intake, I had no problems. But 3 days after the treatment, I got an allergic reaction, a red rash on my face and a swollen head, as well as difficulty swallowing. I got Finasteride and after 4 days the symptoms disappeared again. I’ve often heard people react well to the drug.

Treato identifies, analyzes, and understands information from patient discussions, inviting anyone to search this data and explore thousands of drugs and medical conditions. This is first time that the social health web has been indexed on such a massive scale, enabling patients and providers alike with quick access to life-changing medical insights.