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Tourism Investment in Israel

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Friday, June 17th, 2011

Where Unique Heritage Assets Meet a Solid Business Environemnt

In light of the record number of incoming tourist visitors to Israel in 2010 and the Ministry of Tourism target for 2015 for 5 million tourists a year in addition to the thriving domestic tourism market, the upsurge in demand is putting pressure on the supply of available hotel rooms.
“It is the Ministry’s task to encourage investments in the Israeli tourism industry,  accordingly designating entrepreneurs and investors as ket customers. A 2 year budget has been allocated for the construction and expansion of hotel facilities and for the restoration and conversion of buildings for use as hotels.

Considering the sepcial tourism product Israel has to offer and the high degree of development and demonstrated stability of our economy, I am confident that an investment in Israel’s tourism industy will prove successful and highly remunerative..” Stas Misezhenikov, Minister of Tourism

Tourism Investment in Israel