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TheHive yields startup honey for Israel

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Monday, March 26th, 2012

As reported in Israel21c

The successful Israeli high-tech startup model is well established since the late 1990s: Young engineers conceive an idea, take it to investors, and — if they luck out — sell a new multi-million-dollar product to a large search engine or telecom company.

But what about immigrants? How do they integrate into the startup scene when they move to Israel? Without the advantage of the army and its personal networks, new arrivals — even those with impressive education and experience — don’t have equal access to the startup scene.

That’s about to change, thanks to some busy bees at Gvahim (“Heights”) Entrepreneurs, a non-profit employment organization in Tel Aviv.

A new Gvahim program, TheHive, aims to accelerate new immigrants’ startups, and to use their resources to further enhance Israeli startups, too.

Armed with degrees, marketing experience and a working knowledge of international markets, newly minted Israelis from the Ukraine, the United States, France and beyond are heading eight new startup companies at TheHive, a shared workspace that shapes collaborative development.

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