The Israeli Economy – Fundamentals, Characteristics and Historic Overview

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Monday, October 31st, 2011

We are happy to present you with this booklet, describing the fundamental characteristics of the Israeli economy, and giving an historic perspective on major developments throughout the years. This booklet is designed for both economists and non-economists altogether.
The booklet opens with a very broad description of the Israeli economy today: an advanced, resilient, innovation-driven and knowledge-based economy, which developed over the years into an R&D and High-Tech powerhouse.
The overview goes briefly through the historic development of the Israeli economy, surveying its growth, its population and society, its industry and trade, its public sector, inflation and currency.
The booklet also focuses on data-based graphs rather than text, as we believe that the numbers and figures complete the story in the briefest and clearest way. I hope you find it both insightful and useful.

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