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“THE HIGHWAY TO INNOVATION” – Deployment of Sustainable Technologies in Road and Transportation Infrastructure

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Nine out of every 1,000 people employed in the country work in research and development; nearly double the R&D rate in the United States or Germany. Of every 10,000 individuals, 135 are scientists or engineers.

The main areas of interest in Israeli hi-tech have traditionally been Communications &Networking, Information Technology, Life Science and Semiconductors. Recently, however, we are witnessing the emergence of Cleantech as a new focus of innovation. Furthermore, the Israeli government has announced that it will strengthen funding in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology research centers.

The Israeli National Roads Company has taken upon itself to help funnel Israel’s technological prowess to the needs of the highway infrastructure, to help make our driving experience safer, greener and more comfortable.


Developments and technologies relevant to road infrastructure in the field of sustainable development:

  • Renewable energy and energy saving (e.g. energy harvesting technologies)
  • Solutions for reuse of waste and alternative materials (e.g. use of crumb rubber in asphalt pavements)
  • ITS technologies and “greener” transportation (helping to reduce road congestion and carbon emissions), incl. sensors and advanced diagnostic methodologies for early detection and prevention of damage in pavements and structures
  • Minimizing the vulnerability of critical infrastructures.

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1-3 November 2010
The Green Villa, Tel Aviv, Israel

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