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Taking the extreme approach to Israel

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Thursday, April 28th, 2011

Want to mountain-bike through the Negev at moonlight? Rappel down Black Canyon? Spelunk in Mount Sedom? Name the extreme sport and Israel has it

You are probably familiar with the image of the brawny Israeli ex-soldier fearlessly charging up the Himalayan slopes or leaping off treacherous cliffs. Like most preconceptions, this representation contains more than a grain of truth. The fact is that Israelis love challenges – especially if they include the element of danger. And extreme sports – the popular term for a slew of sometimes counter-cultural activities perceived as being inherently dangerous – are disproportionately popular.

 “Israelis love nature – and they love the adrenalin rush. This combination is unbeatable, and far more suitable to the Israeli mindset than any high-tech amusement park,” says Moshe Meyers, CEO of Israel Extreme, a company specializing in off-the-beaten-track tourism.

 “Israelis stand out in terms of the percentage of people involved in extreme sports,” says Meyers. “This tiny country has so many natural sites for every type of extreme sport, from desert canyons to snow-capped mountains. We have some of the most beautiful sites in the world, many of them wheelchair accessible. I don’t know any other country with so many participants, yet people abroad are not aware of these options.”

Beyond the obvious airborne, waterborne or ground-level sports, Meyers says that going underground is the most rapidly developing extreme option.

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