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TaKaDu named World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer 2011

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Sunday, August 29th, 2010

Award recognizes Smart Water Grid Innovator’s Impact on Water Resource Availability

Yehud, Israel – September 1, 2010 – The World Economic Forum announced today that TaKaDu, a water infrastructure monitoring leader, was selected as a Technology Pioneer 2011. TaKaDu’s Software-as-a-Service solution monitors water distribution networks to give utilities real time control over network events, reducing water loss and making water distribution systems more efficient.  

In a water-scarce world, this prestigious award recognizes TaKaDu’s innovative contribution to reducing water loss and the significance of TaKaDu’s game-changing approach to increasing global water supply.

“The World’s economies are beginning to face the harsh reality of insufficient water resources,” said Amir Peleg, Founder and CEO of TaKaDu. “Water networks have been around for thousands of years and we bring a smart grid approach to change the way they are monitored and managed. TaKaDu uses novel mathematical algorithms to give utilities the visibility and insight needed to discover leaks, bursts, faulty equipment and inefficient operations. TaKaDu is honored to be recognized by the World Economic Forum as a Technology Pioneer that is striving to make more water available to more people.”

The award comes in TaKaDu’s second year of operation, during which it has launched its service with some of the world’s leading water utilities, such as Thames Water in the UK, Hagihon in Israel, Sydney Water and Yarra Valley Water in Australia, Wiener Wasserwerke in Austria, Evides Waterbedrijf in the Netherlands and others.

“TaKaDu provides Thames Water with real-time infrastructure monitoring, through analysis of measurements from real time control and monitoring systems on water networks,” said Rob Casey, Strategic Network Performance Manager at Thames Water in the UK. “TaKaDu provides insight and improves network visibility, particularly in the areas of leakage detection, incident response, monitoring and controlling network operations. TaKaDu’s solution is very flexible, easy to set up and easy to use,” added Mr. Casey.

TaKaDu’s Water Infrastructure Monitoring solution is a revolutionary approach to resolve many of the challenges facing water utilities today.  “Globally, water loss and infrastructure deterioration  are major problems that are set to get worse as water resources stretch more thinly and infrastructure continues to age”, said Michael LoCascio, Senior Analyst at Lux Research. “TaKaDu has the ability to detect and locate anomalies in real time throughout the water distribution systems. I believe that TaKaDu’s technology will become widely adopted and can become a ‘game changer’ in the water sector”, added LoCascio.

About TaKaDu

TaKaDu provides a Software-as-a-Service solution for monitoring water distribution networks. TaKaDu’s award-winning solution gives the utility real-time control over network events, using statistical algorithms. TaKaDu’s patent-pending technology is easy to deploy and set-up, requiring no changes to the network or additional equipment. TaKaDu’s service is fully operational and its utility deployments are supported by a global partner network. For more information please visit