Hanita Lenses (Business Opportunities, Life Science, Medical and Healthcare IT) - NEW

Intraocular Lens Solutions for Cataract Surgery

Hanita Lenses provides intraocular lens solutions for cataract surgery, offering cataract surgeons a complete solution for proven vision correction. The company’s main ophthalmology solutions, led by Hanita Lenses’ precision-designed platforms SeeLens and BunnyLens, are targeted to cataract surgery, and also have additional applications in the field of refractive lens exchange.

In addition to developing, manufacturing, and marketing Hanita Lenses-branded intraocular lens solutions, the company also works in partnership with ophthalmologists, researchers, and other companies to develop and manufacture new products, both directly and under OEM agreements. The company also produces a line of in-house contact lenses marketed under various brand names.

Looking for a supplier in Australia to import intraocular lenses and distribute them to Doctors and Hospitals.

Mti Wireless Edge (Aviation & Aerospace, Business Opportunities, IT & Communication, Security & Safety) - NEW

MTI Wireless Edge develops and produces high-quality, low-cost antenna solutions including smart antennas, MIMO antennas, and dual polarity for wireless applications such as WiMAX, Wi-Fi, broadband wireless access, and RFID.

MTI supplies antennas for military and commercial applications from 100 KHz to 90 GHz. The company offers a dynamic variety of off-the-shelf and customized antennas, including sector, directional, and omnidirectional antennas for all broad and narrow band wireless applications in licensed and unlicensed bands.

The company’s military products include a wide range of broadband, tactical, and specialized communications antennas, antenna systems, and DF arrays installed on numerous platforms worldwide, including airborne, ground, and naval. (Business Opportunities, Electronic, House and Family Products, IT & Communication, Life Science, Medical and Healthcare IT) - NEW’s technology enables the extraction of a large set of vital signs and mental stress measurements based on the analysis of a video taken with any device equipped with a camera.’s solution applies signal processing, AI technologies, and a proprietary mathematical backend processor that analyzes video taken of the upper cheek region of a human face (no video of the eyes is required). Using the extracted photoplethysmogram signal,’s technology can calculate heart rate, oxygen saturation, and respiratory rate. Heart rate variability is calculated based on heart rate data and further serves as the data from which mental stress measurements are extracted.’s technology helps mitigate business risk with its ability to monitor – remotely and in real-time – vital signs such as heart rate, SpO2, respiration rate, and mental stress – just out of employee smartphone. Making it safe to go back to work, and use services such as air travel, etc.

Looking for a large-scale app distributor or systems integrator, also partnerships with large businesses and entities looking to protect their workforce and customers.

Donde Mobile (Business Opportunities, Fashion & Textiles, News) - NEW

Donde Fashion provides a platform that helps users find the exact outfits they are looking for by searching according to visual features across thousands of brands and retailers in seconds.

Donde’s search uses artificial intelligence technology to think like the shopper in order to display results that match what the user has in mind.

Looking for large online retailers to adopt their new style visual search engine

Bobile (Business Opportunities, IT & Communication) - NEW

Bobile is seeking partnerships with entities who can reach small to medium enterprises (SMEs). The company owns a tech platform that allows non-technical users to create mobile applications easily, to be published on both the Google Play and Apple App stores.