OttoSec (Automotive, Subcontracting, Metal & Machinery, Business Opportunities, Cyber, Electronic, Projects & Engineering, Security & Safety, Transportation & Logistic) - NEW


OttoSec offers an automotive cybersecurity service, based on a proprietary in-vehicle hardware device, designed for OEMs and the aftermarket.

OttoSec’s small, low-cost stateful firewall device identifies and prevents damages resulting from automotive cyber attacks. The device is easy to install and configure, and can be managed through the network security server.

Looking for partnerships with aftermarket automotive installers and fleet owners.

Binah.ai (Business Opportunities, Electronic, House and Family Products, IT & Communication, Life Science, Medical and Healthcare IT) - NEW

Binah.ai’s technology enables the extraction of a large set of vital signs and mental stress measurements based on the analysis of a video taken with any device equipped with a camera.

Binah.ai’s solution applies signal processing, AI technologies, and a proprietary mathematical backend processor that analyzes video taken of the upper cheek region of a human face (no video of the eyes is required). Using the extracted photoplethysmogram signal, Binah.ai’s technology can calculate heart rate, oxygen saturation, and respiratory rate. Heart rate variability is calculated based on heart rate data and further serves as the data from which mental stress measurements are extracted.

Binah.ai’s technology helps mitigate business risk with its ability to monitor – remotely and in real-time – vital signs such as heart rate, SpO2, respiration rate, and mental stress – just out of employee smartphone. Making it safe to go back to work, and use services such as air travel, etc.

Looking for a large-scale app distributor or systems integrator, also partnerships with large businesses and entities looking to protect their workforce and customers.

DSRaider (Automotive, Subcontracting, Metal & Machinery, Business Opportunities, House and Family Products) - NEW


DSRaider develops and manufactures electric all-terrain vehicles. Based on electrical power, these vehicles can cross any path, obstacle, or rough terrain.

EZRaider, its flagship product, has an electric mobility platform that provides its users with complete control with minimum training. The vehicle is built to suit any condition and rider (including those with physical disabilities).

The EZRaider line consists of the EZRaider, EZRaider HD2, and EZRaider HD4. Each carries a progressively larger load and can tow an additional payload in a trailer. The HD4 weighs 250 pounds and can carry 462 pounds or two fully equipped soldiers. Two 1200-watt electric motors power the EZRaider to speeds of up to 43 miles an hour, and a 60-volt, 3000-watt-hour battery allows it to travel up to 24 miles on a single charge.

The raiders can be used for various applications such as military, paramilitary, homeland security, rescue, hunting, agriculture, and sports and leisure.

EZRaider has been included in Automotive Territory’s list of the top 10 best new off-road vehicles.

Looking for suppliers/distributors in Australia will consider partnerships with large wholesalers too.

Donde Mobile (Business Opportunities, Fashion & Textiles, News) - NEW


Donde Fashion provides a platform that helps users find the exact outfits they are looking for by searching according to visual features across thousands of brands and retailers in seconds.

Donde’s search uses artificial intelligence technology to think like the shopper in order to display results that match what the user has in mind.

Looking for large online retailers to adopt their new style visual search engine

Carmit Candy (Business Opportunities, Food & Beverage) - NEW

Carmit Candy - Private Label Candy Manufacturers

Carmit was founded in 1973 as a family business. The company, publicly traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange since 1994, has grown to become a beloved food brand that is trusted by consumers around the world with various food sensitivities.

They have over 10 years’ experience and a proven track record as a gluten-free food supplier to the most demanding consumer markets of North American, Europe and Australia. Leading supermarkets around the world rely on Carmit as their gluten-free manufacturer of choice.

Looking for importers with strong ties to the local Kosher market

HackerU (Business Opportunities, Cyber, Education)

HackerU is a world-renowned leader in digital knowledge transfer, technological solutions, and cyber services. Countless professionals, companies, and organizations look to HackerU for an update on today’s latest tools, knowledge, and critical thinking skills necessary to maintain effective teams of technology and security professionals.

A powerhouse leader in the world-renowned Israeli Technology Ecosystem, HackerU is now active in over 12 countries and continues to shape the world’s global workforce.

HackerU strives to provide opportunity and upward mobility for millions of individuals worldwide. Their career-oriented training programs empower almost anyone to obtain a high-paying job in the digital workforce.

Sea Ark (Business Opportunities, House and Family Products) - NEW

Established in 2017 with the mission of applying innovative technology to the field of water safety in order to prevent drownings – a leading cause of death worldwide.

As a contribution and legacy to society, Sea-Ark Ltd. developed a floating device for swimmers to prevent drownings worldwide. Sea-Ark was founded by Prof. Moshe Shoham, who also founded Mazor Robotics (acquired by Medtronic) and is the co-founder of Microbot Medical (Nasdaq: MBOT). Prof. Shoham is also a member of the National Academy of Science.

Fruitspec (Agriculture, Business Opportunities, Food & Beverage, Projects & Engineering)

FruitSpec offers a solution designed to provide accurate early-season fruit yield estimation. The company’s solution is based on hyper-spectral machine-vision technology.

FruitSpec sensor pods mounted on both sides of a tractor scan the trees as the tractor moves along the orchard rows during regular activity. Applied computer vision automatically counts and estimates the number and size of the fruit. The customer – a grower or packing house – then receives reports regarding the precise fruit yield and size distribution at both the individual tree level and the overall area scanned.

FruitSpec is a Trendlines Agtech Incubator portfolio company.

Envomed (Automotive, Subcontracting, Metal & Machinery, Business Opportunities, Chemical, Cleantech, Medical and Healthcare IT, Projects & Engineering)

Envomed, an innovative on-site medical waste solution, is developed by Maabarot Metal Works Ltd, a company with extensive technical knowledge and over 30 years’ experience in providing specialized industrial machinery. Identifying the market’s need for efficient on-site medical waste treatment facilities, we made significant investments in R&D and engineered a solution that is revolutionary from economic, safety and environmental perspectives.


Today, MMW understands the importance of the solution that Envomed provides and focuses it energy on the research and manufacturing of a ground breaking on-site solution, that is safer and environmentally healthier for the problem of infectious Medical Waste, allowing for a simple on-site treatment solution.


Playwork (Business Opportunities, Education, Games, Stationery & Gifts, Life Science, Medical and Healthcare IT)

Playwork, formerly Gemon, has developed an innovative big data solution for turning common physiotherapy equipment into smart, gamified rehabilitation products.

Playwork’s solution is designed to bring digitally connected workouts to the masses by seamlessly integrating IoT technology into existing workout equipment, making the transition easy, affordable, and natural. At the same time, it will monitor patient performance and generate data-driven care plans to maximize healthcare reimbursement.