Increased Demand for Kosher Food

The Kosher food section at Coles Pagewood has expanded due to  a shift of the Jewish population from its Eastern Suburbs heartland further south to Randwick, Maroubra and the like. A Coles spokeswoman confirmed the expansion of its kosher range at Eastgardens had been a direct response to increased demand.This follows the trend of an increase in demand for kosher and Israeli food products across the board, amongst both the Jewish and non-Jewish communities. Many of the food products from Israel are able to satisfy various Australian dietary groups such as vegan, gluten free, lactose free, kosher, and halal.

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Agricultural Scientists Too Thin On Ground

AGRICULTURAL science, food and natural resource management have never been more important, argues Mark Adams, dean of the University of Sydney’s faculty of agriculture, food and natural resources.

“Carbon, water, food. This is what it is about,” he says. “The world is going to be desperate for food, is desperate for food, and will be increasingly hard pressed to supply it.”

Adams points out that some big food-producing nations, including Australia, are facing great changes in water availability. “In many cases the farmers are working with soils that are old,” he says.

“They have adapted their techniques successfully in the past, but we are looking at a fairly big challenge to adapt again.”

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