Spotlight On…RWL Water Israel Operations

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Monday, August 9th, 2010


RWL Water provides advanced tailored water treatment solutions, including process engineering, design, manufacturing, commissioning, training and ongoing service for a wide range of water & wastewater treatment applications, such as:

· Seawater and brackish water desalination for drinking & process using UF & RO membranes.

· Domestic and industrial effluent recycling using DAF, media filtration, UF & RO membranes that enable reuse of water while minimizing waste discharge

· Ultra-Pure/ demineralised water for industrial, pharmaceutical & power applications, using RO & EDI

· Packaged, containerized & mobile water treatment / desalination systems for various applications


RWL Water have their headquarters in Israel and fully owned subsidiaries in Australia, Italy & South America and a network of representatives & agents around the world. 90% of Nirosoft’s global activity goes to the export market, mainly to the Mediterranean region, Europe, Australia & South America.


RWL Water is a fully owned subsidiary located in Melbourne. They have had activity in Australia since 2001 with approx 30 installations to date in various locations & applications. Installations in Australia include Reverse Osmosis systems for seawater, brackish water & effluents, UF systems for process, potable water & effluents, EDI systems for dematerialized water feed in power plants and more.

Activity in Australia

Australia: 100 m3/day compact seawater desalination system for potable water in Davis Station, Antarctica (2007)

WA: Containerized 2-pass RO + EDI system for demin feed to a mine power plant (2009).

QLD: 3,600m3/day UF-RO system for Coal seam Gas Water treatment (2003).

QLD: 2,500 m3/day bore water RO desalination systems for a town (2008).

VIC: 600 m3/day bore water desalination for golf course irrigation (2010)

NSW: Containerized potable water filtration system for arsenic removal in a rural town (2010)

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