SMH Andrew Taylor discovers Israel

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Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

A holy Bunch of hedonists is the title of a recently published article by Andrew Taylor in The Sydney Morning Herald Traveller.
He discovers a land where culture, nightlife and the beach often take precedence over piety and politics.

“…Jerusalem’s Old City is, of course, the honeypot around which tourists buzz. Three of the world’s main religions can be found inside the Old City, with the fourth quarter claimed by Armenian Christians, and there is no shortage of pious package tourists retracing the Stations of the Cross, pausing between the third and fourth stations on Via Dolorosa to buy Dead Sea mud and rosary beads made of olive stones.”

“…About 60 kilometres west and more than 700 metres below Jerusalem, Israel’s largest city, Tel Aviv, stretches along the Mediterranean, its long beaches punctuated by high-rises, like the Gold Coast. It’s youthful, brash and secular – a far cry from pious, weathered Jerusalem. If Jerusalem is a little Marie Osmond, Tel Aviv is definitely the Stevie Nicks of Israel.”

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