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The brand Sister M was established in 2008 by the sister Meital Ron Mitrani and Rahya Mitrani.

They grew up in a household that lived and breathed art, design  and various forms of crafts. Their mother has also studied Fashion design and she became a role model for them throughout the years. From early age they would sit by their mom’s sewing machine and create full ensembles for their barbies and dolls

Meital- A graduate of the “Bezalel” art Academy in the department of fashion wear

Rahya – A graduate of the high school for arts “Shenkar” in the department of fashion design.

After a living for a long period of time in New York and working for various fashion companies the two have decided to establish the brand Sister M.

The brand specializes in women’s collection and accessories: ” We are mainly influenced by fashion and world trends, different cultures. fantasies, personal experience, different periods of arts and creations, and our present state of mind.

The materials they use are: silk, cotton. Chiffon, lace and any other  unusual and unique material that allows them to create a wearable outfit. The designers are characterized by their unique colors and their love for unusual patterns.


Last November- Sister M participated the in the UP COMING DESIGNER competition which took place during the Israeli fashion week (the first one in many years) and were singled out alongside 9 more brands to present a collection as one of the most promising designers of 2012. They presented the summer collection of  2012- which entailed 8 outfits which in turn included a collection of Avant-garde  accessories which contributed to the channeling of the inspirational motif.

The inspirational motif: Inner Tribe, the collection of 2012, was created out of the wish to impress the feeling of inner tribe of the brand from the inside out. In the collection there is a high usage of ethnics-tribal elements which cross over to modern materials. The combination of these elements and materials create a unique ambiance which transfers the style and design of Sister M


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