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SHL Telemedicine Ltd., established in 1987, specializes in developing and marketing advanced personal telemedicine systems as well as providing comprehensive telemedicine solutions including medical call centers to
individuals and to the healthcare community.

Our vision at SHL is to continue to lead the field of Telemedicine, shape the medicine of tomorrow and spread the message of remote medicine and care to people around the globe.
It is our mission to provide our customers with better and more personalized healthcare services for an improved quality of living by closely listening to their heartbeat and assuring that immediate and professional medical care is available in times of need. We invest our expertise in driving research and development of innovative concepts that advance the field of Telemedicine and evolve into state-of-theart solutions that define the medicine of tomorrow.
We invite our customers, employees and investors to join us on our journey and experience the tremendous potential that the promise of Telemedicine holds for all of us.
SHL Telemedicine specializes in cardiac evaluation, supervision and care services connecting the subscriber – whether at home, the office or from abroad – to the company’s medical monitoring center. We bring the most advanced medicine into the home of our subscribers, listen carefully to their heartbeat and improve their and their families’ quality of living.
Medical Monitoring Center
Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. At the heart of SHL’s service offering, is its medical monitoring center, recognized as one of the world leading monitoring centers for Telemedicine. The medical monitoring center is staffed around the clock by a skilled, professional, and specially trained medical team, ensuring appropriate evaluation and care in line with common medical procedures. SHL’s medical monitoring center operates around the clock, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year and is staffed by an experienced medical team including physicians and nurses that were specifically trained in Telemedicine. The
medical team is capable of remotely evaluating the medical data, knows how to read the ECG data and provides immediate and relevant medical assistance at any given moment. SHL continually extends the boundaries of research to progress the standard of medical care and provides its subscribers with the world’s most advanced monitoring devices to transmit a complete personal 12-lead ECG from any location in the world.
For each subscriber an electronic personal medical record is created, which is automatically updated with each new incoming ECG transmission and which includes the relevant medical history and up to date information on the subscribers’s current state of health by continuously comparing the data with past medical events and the baseline ECG measurement. The electronic personal medical record is available via secure Internet access and is accessible to the subscribers and to physicians that have been authorized by the subscribers.

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