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Security Fundamentals Tour of Israel

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Israel continues to be a recognised world leader in Homeland and Critical Infrastructure Security, together with combating long held threats and in fields of security technology and innovations. There is already close synergies and cooperation between Australia and Israel in sectors such as thermal energy, water resource management, agriculture and biomedicine.

The Security Fundamentals Tour of Israel has been designed to provide a select group of security specialists and professionals with an insight into Israel’s critical infrastructure security and what continues to drive Israel to be one of the leading security technology providers. This kind of event provides an ideal setting for creating loyal security ambassadors, business opportunities and international exposure.

The purpose of the mission is to share knowledge on emerging security research, methodologies and technologies in specialist security fields and industries, to meet with Israeli counterparts, and gain an appreciation of Israel’s culture, growth and direction. In short, what is happening in Israel in terms of security approaches and technology and benchmarking this to Australia’s security applications and body of knowledge.

If you are a security professional, whether in government or the private sector, you would be well advised to closely monitor Israel and the broader issues and activities which continue in the Middle East. The ties between Australia and Israel are strong and look set to continue to grow. If you are an innovative individual, company or organisation, and seeking out the interesting and unexpected outcomes and opportunities that the Israel security sector offers, customised meetings can be organised. All delegates will meet with a wide range of senior government and industry representatives, private companies and professionals. The Mission will provide the opportunity for enhanced global exposure and Israel is considered an essential market to benchmark against. The Security Fundamentals Mission to Israel will be held between 8-14 June, 2012.

For more information on this study tour, please contact Richard Vesely (+61 2) 9388 0382 or

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