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Saving Lives Anywhere, Anytime: New Emergency Care Technologies

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Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

In a recent screening operation conducted by the Pennsylvania-based Simon’s Fund, dozens of school children were diagnosed with silent heart defects which may lead to a life threatening situation. As the world moves forward and social and physical habits change rapidly, emergency care is gradually becoming a significant part of our daily lives. With 75 percent of all life threatening situations occurring at residential areas, work spaces or while commuting – approximately 2.5 million people die annually in out of hospital critical situations.

In medical emergencies, the first few minutes are crucial for saving lives. The casual passer-by is usually a non-professional and non-expert, with limited medical training or experience in operating first aid critical care devices. 50 percent of all medical emergencies are caused by respiratory problems and stress situations such as drowning, asphyxia, asthma and others. They can deteriorate into sudden cardiac arrest and thus require defibrillation under low oxygen conditions which cannot be treated successfully by a regular, automated external defibrillator. All of these result in disabilities and fatalities.


On-site treatment at the crucial minutes

Israeli Inovytec offers a reliable and simple to use emergency care with life saving devices that offer on-site treatment in initial and crucial minutes. While existing defibrillator devices address only 20 percent of pre-hospital medical emergencies – Inovytec’s series of devices provide for previously unmet needs not only for cases of sudden cardiac arrest, but also in a variety of respiratory, cardiac, central nervous system and trauma emergencies.

Inovytec’s SALI devices and the Lubo cervical collar are uniquely compatible for cases in which airway management, oxygen therapy and defibrillation may be required. All of these are self-contained, automated, simple to use and reinforced with full walk-through instructions, and real time cellular communication with an off-site professional support center.

All SALI products are specifically designed for non-professional first responders, introducing the next generation of emergency critical care devices that address the growing need for more comprehensive pre-hospital and out of hospital emergency treatment. In addition, Lubo is the first device that can open an airway non-invasively by imitating the jaw thrust maneuver while protecting the cervical spine.


Saving lives worldwide

These critical care devices are under constant development to meet cutting-edge technologies and adapting itself to all conditions – therefore meeting all necessary requirements for immediate medical intervention: Automatic interpretation of measurements and vital signs, oxygen enrichment capabilities, as well as assistance to medical personnel arriving at the scene with an ambulatory connector, optimal head positioning for intubation and easy mobility for emergency stretchers.

These ground-breaking technologies are being introduced worldwide and were licensed solely in 2012 as patents in first-grade medical care providing countries such as Great Britain, Germany, Japan, the United States and other European countries.