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RPM – Global Project Management (Business Opportunities, Projects & Engineering, Service Provider)

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RPM has a vast range  of services allowing the customer to cut through the logistical complexities and get down to business.

As an international company expanding in Israel, you’ll face struggles that have nothing to do with your actual business. In addition to finding your way around, you’ll encounter complications in bureaucracy and logistics that delay operations—and cause endless frustration.

At RPM, we’ll take care of everything for you. We deliver the optimal solution for companies moving into the Israeli market, with services that are tailored to the unique requirements of your business, so you can cut through the logistical hassles and launch your project faster.

Whether you need a place to live and work, assistance with recruiting local staff, transportation, permits for foreign workers, help with legal issues and municipal regulations, or a hand in setting up bank accounts or insurance policies – we’ve got you covered.

RPM services include:

         Offices and residencies

         Human resources

         Contractor negotiation

         Legal and litigation

         Commercial transactions

         Financial services

         Transportation

         Insurance

         Medical facilities for personal and office needs

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972-73-7070050, Mobile: 972-54-6888558
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Shai Bernstein