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ReDent Nova is the developer of the SAF SYSTEM, adaptive endodontic dental technology for complete 3D root canal cleaning and shaping using a single instrument.

The Self Adjusting File (SAF) is a mechanically operated endodontic file to be used for cleaning and shaping of root canals as part of the procedure of root canal treatment.

The file consists of a metal lattice hollow cylinder constructed from medical grade nickel-titanium-alloy. The file is surface treated to create an abrasive surface, which enables it to file dentin from the canal’s interior surface.

The SAF’s structure permits compression when inserted into the root canal, when fully compressed the SAF is dimensionally compatible with a no. 20 hand file. While removing dentin, the SAF gradually expands to enable the preparation of the canal in the same manner as achieved by sequentially increasing the size of a hand-operated or motorized file.

The SAF mode of operation is vertical vibration (up and down 0.4mm stroke) 3000 – 5000 oscillations per minute.

The SAF is available in 3 standard lengths (21, 25, 31 mm) and two widths (1.5 & 2mm).

The integral shank and irrigator are made of medical grade polypropylene. The shank connects to the handpiece by means of a friction grip. The irrigation barb connects to a tube delivering irrigant.

The open lattice structure of the device design permits continuous irrigation during procedure without increasing intracanal pressure.

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