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Founded in late 2005 by the team that revolutionized telecommunications with the invention of Voice Over IP, RayV is a global leader in providing turnkey solutions for web TV, otherwise known as TV over IP.

As the preferred partner of leading content owners (top-tier broadcasters, pay TV networks, and multi-channel distributors), RayV has successfully deployed hundreds of channels worldwide and is serving a rapidly growing number of viewers seeking high quality content over the Internet, especially in key verticals with passionate followers such as sport and expat channels.

RayV’s principal turnkey is its ability to supply an “end-to-end”, turnkey solution covering every aspect of the value chain required to turn live streaming over the internet into a business. RayV allows its partners to enter the market quickly and inexpensively, and to begin generating revenue immediately.

The RayVCloudTV Platform is comprised of three layers:

  1. An Infrastructure Layer including the delivery grid network
  2. A flexible Application Layer allowing partners to customize the user experience.
  3. A Management Layer offering partners an extensive set of tools to establish and modify business rules and manage the commercial platform.

RayV takes pride in working closely with its partners to first understand the challenges they face in today’s ever-changing environment and then to work collaboratively to develop a comprehensive, end-to-end solution by which high quality content can be inexpensively delivered.

Business Details

RayV Technologies
30 Kalisher st, Tel Aviv , Israel
972 3 797 9203
Contact Person
Nathalie Koskas