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Ratio Ltd. (Business Opportunities, IT & Communication)

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Ratio are looking to be in contact with Owners of Gas stations and Convenience Stores chains that sells under the following brands: BP, Exxon, Esso, Citgo, Hess, Chevron, Mobil, Shell, Sinclair, Sunoco (US), BP, Valero, Texaco. 7-Eleven, Cumberland Farms, Road Ranger, Sheetz, Wawa, AM:PM and more.

Ratio has developed a unique business solution providing Petroleum and Convenience Store chains a management & control monitoring of all their outlets. We developed an algorithm to optimize, for example, the consumer fuel price on an hourly base in conjunction with the convenient store/restaurant/car wash in the specific outlet in order to optimize profit. We guarantee an 8-15% increase in profit margin to our clients.
We have already over 1500 successfully implemented outlets in France and Benelux.

Ratio Suite is an established and complete retail-ready business solution providing an enterprise management of Petroleum and Convenience Store chains. Ratio Suite offers a razor-sharp management & control monitoring of Fuel outlets, constantly analyzing data and sending real-time alerts to decision makers.
Ratio quickly identifies problems, hidden profits, missed opportunities, important exceptions, frauds and attrition rates. Increase profits, average in-store purchased, quickly response to competition, reduce cost of inventory, maximize sales, mobilize your field managers and duplicate your success over all of your sites.

Business Details

Ratio Ltd.
15 Kinneret st, BENE BERAQ , Israel
972 72 230 2307
Contact Person
Shimon Katzubes (CEO)