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Opportunities for Industrial Cooperation in Israel

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Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

The Israeli Ministry of Industry Trade and Labor has just release s comprehensive guide for worldwide companies seeking appropriate Israeli Partners.

Please click here to see the guide.

The Israeli body entrusted with advancing industrial and business cooperation activities between foreign companies and local entities, is the Industrial Cooperation Authority (ICA).

ICA is an Israeli Government entity, operating within the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor. ICA initiates, coordinates and monitors industrial and commercial cooperation activities following Government, Government-owned companies, public institutes and other State entities procurement.

ICA also promotes and monitors commercial and industrial cooperation activities related to selected areas of non-government trade.

The essential ingredient in Israel’s industrial success is the high quality and professionalism of its work force, which not only possesses vast expertise and know-how, but is also endowed with a daring entrepreneurial spirit. At the same time, the country has more academically qualified scientists and engineers, per capita , than any other nation in the world.

Israel’s main export products are in high- tech sectors such as communications and electronics, electro-optics and semiconductors, software and IT, biomedical industries, aerospace, defense and homeland security. More traditional industries in Israel such as plastic and rubber, metal and machinery and automotive products are also distinguished by incorporating value-added advanced technology components into their output.

As a result of industrial cooperation fulfillment of commitments, about $2.41 billion flowed into Israel in 2009 from dozens of major overseas corporations, which do business with about 200 Israeli industrial firms.