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Nutrigal’s new patent pending ingredients’ line is based on a new developed natural process, extracting the soy protein and fibers out of the highest grade of soybeans variety (premium). The process is done without any chemicals or solvents, only the use of water. Following the extraction process a special drying stage is used to produce high functional natural soy powder.

NutriGal has  developed a special product called NutriFree+  which is  Gluten Free especially formulated and controlled for the Gluten Free market. NutriFree+ is provided with a Quality Control certification for gluten free and unique properties to fit many GF applications.

Nutrigal’s strength is also in the developing of many applications using our unique ingredients  (for Gluten Free and traditional applications) and a state of the art applications lab that supports our clients.

Another interesting product produced by Nutrigal is an extruded product called NutriTex  (available in gluten-free and regular forms) – our NutriTex  product is rich in protein and fibers having bland flavor and crunchy texture. Nutritex can come in different sizes and shapes according to the client’s final application requirements. We also have the ability to provide the Nutritex coated, different flavors and packed in small bags – all based on the client’s needs.

All of Nutrigal products can also be supplied as Certified Organic.

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