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Nutri Gal (Food & Beverage, Older Business Opportunities)

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NutriGal – a leading developer and manufacturer of premium soy based value added food ingredients, is a member of the Galam Group- Israel’s leading fructose Glucose and Starch manufacturer (
Together with its ingredients NutriGal provides special know how and patented innovative solutions for a wide range of premium applications for the healthy food industry, thus contributing to the benefits of consumers.
NutriGal raw materials are fully natural and are specially designed for the gluten free market, helping to boost protein and fibers content of pastas, breads and bakery, cereals, snacks, soups and many other end products.
The process used in the manufacturing of NutriGal”s ingredients, is 100% natural with no use of chemicals or solvents. The process is a pure aqueous extraction and physical separation starting with premium Non-GMO soybean variety, thus resulting in high levels of nutritional qualities and a neutral taste.
NutriGal professional technical team is here to provide the specially formulated high quality recipes and blends, and assist all our customers in the development of their tailor made products.

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Nava Almog (General Manager)