NSW awards lure top medical researchers

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As reported in R&D info: The New South Wales government has awarded $800,000 in funding In the latest round of the Life Sciences Research Awards, established to entice leading medical scientists to New South Wales.

Four researchers have been awarded funding, which will be matched by the institutions hosting them. They are:

Dr Matthias Klugmann, University of NSW, whose research into the underlying mechanisms in neurological and psychiatric conditions such as chronic depression will translate into improved treatments.

Dr. Darren Saunders, Garvan Institute, whose research into functional genomics will develop treatments and improve patient rates for multiple cancerous tumours.

Professor David Ryugo, Garvan Institute, whose research into the mechanics of hearing has the potential to result in new treatments for tinnitus and help discriminate speech from background noise, both of which are significant problems in age-related hearing loss.

Dr Ravinay Bhindi, North Shore Heart Research Group at the Kolling Institute, whose research into surgery for coronary artery bypass vein graft disease will assess whether a new technique can reduce injury during cardiac surgical procedures to improve patient survival rates.

More information on the Awards is at