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The Pango (Park & Go) system is the most technologically advanced system of its kind in the world, allowing you to pay for your parking time in blue and white parking zones using your cellular telephone, without the need for parking cards or parking meters. It is simple, economical and user-friendly.
The service involves no subscription fee or commitment. With Pango, you pay only for your actual parking time, making it more efficient and economical than any other means of payment currently available to the parking consumer.
Pango is available nationwide, so you can park in blue and white zones
in any city in Israel with regulated paid parking, at the rates and times that are relevant to each local municipality.

Business Details

Mobydom LTD.
60 Derech hachoresh, YEHUD 56470, Israel
972 54 4469729
Contact Person
Yoav Boazy (VP Sales & BD)