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Mass Crowd Events
Hosting a Mass Crowd Event likes of, world championships, large concerts, or national rally is a matter of prestige and pride for any host country. Many governments see this opportunity to project the nation on the world stage. The understanding of the host nation that security must be incorporated into all other aspects of planning is imperative in order to provide a safe and secure event while being cost effective. Securing and protecting public and high profile events that are attended by both large crowds and dignitaries present a challenge for law enforcement as they are attractive soft targets for terrorists who may try to promote their cause and achieve as much media coverage as possible. Lotan’s “Major Events Security Implementation”(MESI) concept enables high level overt and covert proactive security implementation while the secured crowd feels the security just as much as it gives him the sense of security.

Lotan HLS & Defense is an Israeli leading security company with worldwide activity.
Our services focus on three main components: Consulting, Training and Technology assessment.
Our doctrine is built from our experience of many years in the field of HLS and Defense. We are specialized in the fields of Major sport events, facility protection, aviation and transport security and more.
Lotan was recently selected to act as consultants to the Government of Gabon to plan, implement and manage security for the “2012 African Cup of Nations”.
We will be happy to take part in the 2015 Asian Cup AUSTRALIA.
I have taken the liberty to attach a short company profile and case study from our project in Gabon.

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