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Lior Pick & Co. (Business Opportunities, Service Provider)

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Examples of our past and current activities: Consultation and representation on complicated tax issues (land tax, property, income tax, charges, VAT and international taxation) Guidance during complex real estate transactions, representation of investors/sellers/contractors/purchase, including the tax aspects. Establishing companies/foundations/cooperation/trust and escorting them in Israel and abroad. Representation and advisement to companies in high-tech and start-up. ESOP and options agreements to employees, consultants and shareholders. Representation of foreign investors in Israel, and Israeli investors abroad. Filing of civil suits, preparation of commercial agreements and escorting businesses and entrepreneurs.

Our firm’s approach is turning every stone for our client.

This attitude is our back bone and the essence of our work; we examine each and every case thoroughly, research every law and secondary legislation, raise every argument and claim every objection! We examine all the possible solutions and every method and we are not afraid of innovation and precedents.


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