Israel’s Medfly hope

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Monday, August 8th, 2011

As reported in the West Australian Newspaper; 

With a ban on chemicals dimethoate and fenthion imminent, the Mediterranean fruit fly (Medfly) is poised to take centre stage in fruit bowls across the State.

WA fruit grower Garrie Vincenti was so worried about the ban he travelled to Israel in search of a holy grail to secure the future of his orchard.

What the third generation grower found was a holistic and sustainable approach to Medfly management that worked and he now plans to bring it to WA.

“We now have four generations of growers here and I want my son to be able to carry it on without the threat of Medfly, ” Mr Vincenti said.

Nimrod Israely, chief executive of Israel’s Medfly control company, Biofeed, has a vision of agriculture with no chemical spraying.

In WA at Mr Vincenti’s invitation, Mr Israely said that more than 70 per cent of spraying in WA was to control Medfly.

“But when you take insecticides out of the equation, many times we have found that the pest’s natural enemies come back.”

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