Israeli Technologies focus on the Australian Mining Sector

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Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

The past decade has seen an increasing number of challenges faced by the large mining companies worldwide.  There is a focused debate on the need to shift modern mining to a more sustainable framework to be environmentally friendly. Other challenges faced by the mining companies are the effect of the mine on the Communities next to it, Geological issues, Manpower OH&S and Geopolitical concerns.

Although Israel has no significant mining industry, except for the mines in the Timna Valley (North of Eilat) that have been actively mined by humans since the times of King Solomon, Israel’s current positioning as a center for advanced Technology is well known worldwide, and slowly being acknowledged by the mining industry. Innovative technology is important, but Israel also has a long and successful track record of commercialization from the formation of IP (Intellectual property), through to establishing a start-up, (with significant cooperation between academia, incubators and Government support) and then onto a flourishing mature profitable company.

Due to the geopolitical situation Israel finds itself in, over the past 60 years, Israel has invested Billions of dollars in Research & Development (R&D) specifically aimed toward Defense applications. These Defense applications are in the last few years being transitioned into commercial sectors with great success.

The trend of the mining industry worldwide is heading towards remote and autonomous mining. This included remote vehicles that can be ‘driven’ from 100’s of miles away or even autonomous vehicles that drive and ‘think’ for themselves. There is a big push in the mining world today towards Command, Control, Communication and Computer intelligence (4CI).

Although as mentioned above that Israel has no real mining industry it definitely in a position to solve some of the greatest challenges of this sector.

This catalogue features Israeli companies who are some of the largest System Integrators and are operational worldwide, as well as featuring some smaller Israeli companies who have a niche market and offer solutions to the mining Industry.

Please click here to see the profile booklet of Israeli Technologies aimed at the Australian Mining Sector.