ITC’s Position on Marrickville Council Stance

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The ITC sees Marrickville Council’s support for the BDS  as grave and believes it should not be left unanswered by the Australian authorities.

We urge all parties to engage in dialogue rather than support a boycott. The B.D.S movement strengthens the radicals and we suggest the people who support the boycott should rather channel their energy into constructive areas, such as support for many of the joint Israeli-Palestinian projects, or Joint Israeli-Palestinian business start-ups and more.

We would like to point out that such a decision taken by local government is contrary to several WTO (World Trade organization) rules.

With Australia and Israel both members of the WTO charter, Australia is forbidden from discriminating against goods imported from another member country.

–   GATT Article I which expresses the most basic obligation of the Agreement, namely the MFN principle, and prohibits a Member of the WTO from discriminating against goods imported from another Member.

–   GATT Article XI which prohibits quantitative restrictions and has been found to apply to import bans.

–   GATT Article XXIV 12 which states: “Each contracting party shall take such reasonable measures as may be available to it to ensure observance of the provisions of this Agreement by the regional and local governments and authorities within its territories”.