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Israel appointed to the Presidency of the World Eureka Program – the first non-European President of the Program

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Friday, July 16th, 2010

The Eureka Program is the leading industrial R&D Program in Europe and the largest of its kind in the world.  It is an inter-governmental initiative that has been in operation since 1985, and which the European Union Commission has also joined.


Israel has been a member of the Organization since 2000 and in 2007 it was elected to serve as the President of Eureka for one year, to commence in July 2010 and terminating in June 2011, in which it will lead the Organization.  Upon receipt of the Presidency Israel will be the first non-European Country to hold office as President of the Program.


It should be noted that Israeli Companies are taking a more than 10% share in the Projects of Eureka, far beyond the relative size of the Israeli economy.


Minister Ben-Eliezer told correspondents that “hundreds of scientists, heads of major companies and governmental personnel are about to arrive in an airlift for five main major events that will take place all over the country, when, at each of them, we shall place special emphasis on another sphere of industrial R&D, presenting the best of what we have in our country”.

“I have no doubt that the Presidency of Eureka, apart from being an unprecedented achievement for the image of the State of Israel, will enable us to maximize the benefit for the State of Israel and for Israeli industry”.

The person in charge of the programs of collaboration with Europe in the Industrial Center for R&D and the Director of the Israel Eureka Program, Israel Shamai, said at the briefing that Eureka is undoubtedly the platform that is preferred by Israeli industry for international collaboration in Research & Development.

“In the last few years there have been recorded in Eureka more than 150 cases of participation of Israeli Companies in Eureka.  From 2003 and until the present time, the amount of financial investment of the companies and of the Chief Scientist in these projects is approaching NIS 1 Billion”.

Shamai adds that at the coming meeting in Berlin in which the Presidency of the Program will pass from Germany to Israel, the Council of Ministers is due to approve 152 new projects, of which 23 will be with the participation of Israeli Companies.  “These details are a greater illustration than anything else that the Israeli Presidency is first and foremost an achievement of the Israeli R&D Industry.

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