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Intel thinks positive about Israeli kids’ futures

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Monday, January 31st, 2011

As reported by Israel21c:

It takes a village to educate kids properly, according to an old saying – but in Israel, it takes a high-tech company, in the form of global technology giant Intel, which is now in its eighth year of leading a program called “Think Positive+” (Choshvim Chiyuvi), which gives students all over Israel the opportunity to excel in math, science – and of course, computers.

“We started doing this at Intel in Petah Tikva eight years ago, with a few engineers getting involved with students at a local school and tutoring them,” says Koby Bahar, a spokesperson for Intel and a coordinator of the Think Positive+ program. “It’s part of Intel’s tradition of getting involved in the community, and from there it simply mushroomed.”

Bahar isn’t just parroting text from the company handbook. Intel employees are among the most socially involved in Israel, and the company takes its role in society very seriously. “Forty percent of Intel employees volunteer to do community work,” Bahar says, and the company strongly encourages employees to do exactly that. According to Bahar, Intel is involved in numerous aid projects, both one-time and ongoing.

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