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Monday, April 2nd, 2012

With the coming of spring and blossom, during the Passover period, the mythological flower exhibition is returning to Haifa. 19 years after the first “flower show” took place, Haifa is proud to host the largest flower exhibition to ever take place in Israel.

  Spread across 30 acres of exhibition space at Hecht Park, at the southern outskirts of Haifa, nine breathtaking “Flower Worlds” will be exhibited. Each world is impressively large and spectacular in their rich and colorful beauty with a scent to intoxicate. Each of these worlds is dedicated to a unique theme: Flower World, Paris Boulevard, The Hanging Gardens, Land of the Rising Sun, Wild World, Senses Land, Fantasy Land, Never land, and the Vanishing Garden.

 The exhibition’s visitors, who are welcome to stroll through the “flower worlds”, will experience a breathtaking sensory delight of soft scents, nature, sights and colors that are unique to the exhibition. The exhibition will be open to the general public from 10:00 – 22:00 in the evening at which point, as the dark descend, an enchanting light display will illuminate the park.

 A vast team of Danish artists and flower designers will be coming to Israel especially to create the “Flower Worlds” and to realize the exhibition. This is in addition to the over 500,000 flowers that are being shipped in for the exhibition from the far reaches of the planet to be exhibited alongside local Israeli produce.

 Work has already started in preparation and with much enthusiasm by Israel’s leading flower designer, Benzi Gil, in collaboration with his Dutch partner Alexander Zilmans. Co owner of ZUIDKOOP, an internationally acclaimed flower design company, Zilmans is one of the world’s leading and award winning flower experts. He has founded a school for flower design in Taiwan and is responsible for various international flower shows. His expertise lies in designing arrangements for large-scale events such as family, diplomatic, and royal events and can boast designing the Iceland summit for Gorbachev and Reagan.

 Alongside the “Flower Worlds” will take place various artistic activities, exhibits, and outdoor events for the whole family. Furthermore, there will be a sculpture and herb garden, flower carpets, topiary gardens, a flower market, planting and seeding workshops, environmental workshops and more.

 April 7th – 14th 2012 Opening Hours: 10:00 – 22:00