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Green Light for Road 9 Construction Tender

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Saturday, June 4th, 2011

The road, whose planned length is 10 Km., will connect Hadera and surrounding towns with Road 6 in the Sharon region; the tender for construction of the road will be published based on the Design Build method. The project is estimated to cost about 700 million NIS.

The purpose of the new road is to help regulate interurban traffic in the Sharon region, and its construction is scheduled to be completed in three years. It will be a ten kilometer long highway with two lanes in each direction. The planned road speed will be 110 KPH. As part of the project, a new interchange will be built – the Hadera South interchange – that will connect the city of Hadera and Emek Hefer towns to the new road, providing access to Roads 4 and 6. Five new bridges will be built along the road, as well as five agricultural passages – both overhead and underground.

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