Geomine, Israeli company specialized in landmine detection awarded by PM Netanyahu Prize for Initiatives and Innovation

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Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu awarded, for the second time, the “Prime Ministers Prize for Initiatives and Innovations” in order to encourage initiatives, innovational thinking, imagination and creativity. The winners were chosen by a seven-member committee chaired by Prof. Eugene Kandel.

The Honorable Mention for Initiative and Innovation for Financial Profit was awarded to Mr. Avi Buzaglo-Yoresh for his efforts in founding Geomine, Ltd., a company dedicated to the location and discovery of landmines. Buzaglo-Yoresh developed a unique system for locating mines through aerial photographs and remote sensing, thus making it possible to map minefields and significantly reduce search areas.

After a war is ended, the loss of life and limbs continue even long after because of the estimated millions of land mines left behind. Detecting them has been cumbersome and labor intensive.

Geomine – an Israeli company has introduced an innovative technology that identifies the location of the mines. A Hyperspectral camera is mounted on an aircraft. Flying over a suspected minefield, the camera detects both personal and anti-tank mines by determining their spectral signature. The photographs are then sent to a laboratory where a chemical analysis of the spectrum is performed and the land mines are located. The method allows for a large area to be surveyed quickly and accurately.

Geomine has successfully assisted several countries in detecting land mines in their suspected areas; among those countries is Angola where Geomine has operated last year as well as the Israeli Defense Force which will start using Geomine’s technology in detecting land mines in the Golan Heights of Israel.