Focus on Israeli company – ODIS

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Overview of ODIS

ODIS is an international supplier of Water and Wastewater Treatment systems and solutions. It has more than 28 years of experience in identifying and implementing solutions that address water availability and quality issues, increase productivity, reduce energy consumption and installation/operational costs, and meet growing environmental regulations. As concerns about water scarcity and energy demand increase, its business is bringing together experienced researchers and advanced technologies to develop new and compact innovations for water purification and conservation that allow the industry to operate as efficiently as possible.

Cost saving technology, simplicity and reliability of performance are among the main characteristics of its products. They specialise in modular approach and use of prefabricated units for potable water, process water and wastewater treatment solutions.

ODIS Worldwide

ODIS is an internationally recognized name, renowned for its know-how, quality and innovation in the environmental technology world.

ODIS has a worldwide presence, in all five continents, with projects in Europe, Japan, Australia, USA, South America, Africa and elsewhere.

Among its customers you can find many reputable multinational corporations, national water supply companies, municipalities and government agencies worldwide. Being one of the few manufactures in the world with extensive experience in both compact drinking and waste water systems, they are able to design a comprehensive water treatment program.

Odis operations Australia

Odis’ head office in Australia resides in Sydney. In the last few years its projects in Australia include multiple drinking water plants for Sun Water (Queensland), drinking WTP for Eacham Shire Council (Queensland), drinking WTP for Dimbulah (Tableland Shire Council), waste water treatment plant for Macleay Water (New South Wales) ,Melbourne Convention Centre (Victoria) and the South West Rocks Waste Water Recycling Plant (1,650 m3/d).

The Australian operations can propose you with tailor made and cost effective water management systems, focusing on technical performance, compliance with process and environment requirements and long term cost effectiveness, in order to fulfill the most demanding reliability and quality requirements in Australia.

For further inquiries, please contact:

Eddie Biyik

Marketing Director

Odis Australia Pty Limited

4 Kensington Street Kogarah NSW 2217

PO Box 651 Moorebank NSW 1875

T +61 2 9587 3433

M +61 406 336 242

F +61 2 9587  7800