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Find it at the Jaffa flea market

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Thursday, October 27th, 2011

 One of the oldest bazaars in the world, the Jaffa flea market is now rapidly becoming the hottest new location in Tel Aviv, famed for fashion and food.

The Jaffa flea market is one of the oldest bazaars in the world. Whereas it used to be a place to find knick-knacks and second-hand furniture or clothing, today it is also rapidly becoming one of the trendiest spots in Israel.
Fashion designers, artists, antique dealers and gourmet chefs have all converged upon the portside area just south of Tel Aviv, making it a destination for bargain hunters and fashionistas from Israel and abroad, and even a newly desirable place to live.
“It’s not exactly Soho in NY or Camden in London,” says Ava Rodan of Alma Jewelry. “It’s an original place where you can find really old antiques or new shops with a lovely atmosphere.”

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