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Thursday, November 12th, 2009

“As opposed to others who ask what Israel can do for them, I ask what we can do in order to better exploit Israel’s innovative and technological potential. How could we make faster use of the technological innovations here so as to mutually profit. We would like to contribute more to Israeli start-ups as we are very satisfied with the level of innovation here” Obermann said. 


Deutsche Telekom Chief Executive Ren? Obermann said his company planned to expand its R&D center in Israel and increase its investment in Israeli companies. Deutsche’s Israeli R&D center is its second largest R&D center in the world. 

  “We are interested in expanding our R&D center at Ben Gurion University. We intend to double our R&D fund in Israel – the results here are very encouraging,” said Obermann. “In addition we have three projects with young technology start-ups. We are delighted with the projects that come out of Israel and are seeking innovation in the fields of network security and IPTV technology,” said Obermann. 

Deutsche will increase its R&D staff to at least 150 employees and relocate to the new high-tech park being build in Beer Sheva. Many companies are expected to follow suit driven by among others a new framework through which the government now also provides employment grants for foreign-owned R&D centers and large enterprises established in the Galilee and Negev.