dbMotion Increases Presence and Business Activities Throughout Australia

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Monday, June 6th, 2011

Connected Healthcare leader positions itself to lead the drive for Australian healthcare information integration.

dbMotion, an innovative provider of connected healthcare solutions, today announced its increased interest and consequent investment in the Australian Healthcare IT market.

“Over the last year we have experienced growing interest from Australian healthcare organisations, that are now actively seeking solutions that connect disparate systems to improve patient experiences and outcomes,” said Ilan Freedman, dbMotion’s Vice President Asia-Pacific. “This is happening across the market and has recently been illustrated by the Australian Federal Government launching the procurement of the PCEHR Solution”.

Please click here to read the artile from The Australian newspaper dated June 7th.

Working together with industry partners, dbMotion fulfils the vision of connected healthcare. dbMotion’s solution enables healthcare organisations and health information exchanges (HIEs) to meaningfully integrate and leverage their information assets by placing an integrated patient record within clinical workflows. dbMotion closes information gaps between caregivers, enhances decision-making and drives improvements in the quality and efficiency of patient care.

“Australia is emerging as a major market for Healthcare IT and specifically for HIE, EHR and PHR solutions,” said Yuval Ofek, CEO of dbMotion. “Our experience with large-scale implementations in demanding environments and our successful launches in North America and other territories position us to deliver significant value to Australia and bring our expertise to the benefit of local patients, clinicians, organisations as well as to our partners.”

About dbMotion
dbMotion is an innovative provider of connected healthcare solutions. It develops and markets the dbMotion™ Solution, a proven SOA-based interoperability platform that enables healthcare organisations and health information exchanges (HIEs) to meaningfully integrate and leverage their information assets, driving improvements in the quality, safety and efficiency of patient care. dbMotion transforms care through the creation of a virtual patient record that logically connects patient information in existing systems without requiring their replacement. By providing access to integrated patient information, the solution connects care settings, bridging gaps that often exist between inpatient/acute care and community care, and demonstrates a compelling return on investment (ROI). This robust solution is field-proven, having been implemented in some of the world’s most demanding healthcare IT environments since 2001.

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