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Cloud cover: Israel’s top eight cloud computing firms

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Friday, April 1st, 2011

As reported in Israel21CAs services and applications increasingly move from in-house servers to the Internet, Israeli companies are helping to seed the worldwide cloud revolution.

 The computing world is going online like never before. By utilizing resources on the Internet — “cloud” — companies can avoid laying out large sums of money on IT systems. Every day, additional services and enterprise applications are accessible on reliable, secure and high-speed servers. And Israeli companies are playing a key role in this cloud revolution.

The concept of cloud computing got a big push during the recent worldwide recession, as companies sought ways to save money, Israeli cloud consultant Eddie Resnick tells ISRAEL21c.

“Companies buy for peak needs,” he says, to ensure their capacity to operate under even the most intensive conditions. But most of the time, Resnick says, as much as 85 percent of peak capacity goes unused. By moving to the cloud, companies can save significant amounts of money using just the services and resources they need at the moment without investing in infrastructure aimed at peaks.

Cloud infrastructure – the servers where the applications and services sit – is generally provided by large data companies like Amazon and Google, which have the computing capacity to handle billions of data requests.

The applications and services on those servers, however – as well as the systems that keep the data secure – are provided by a panoply of IT, Internet and software companies. Several significant ones are Israeli.

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