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CDI Systems, Ltd. (Business Opportunities, IT & Communication)

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the first electronic publishing platform that integrates Digital Rights Management, Web Content Management, information retrieval, SEO and e-commerce tools into a single, seamless platform for the secure delivery and sale of digital content (textual, images, rich media etc.).

With NetIS™ the concept of “Publish Once, Publish Everywhere” has never been so simple and cost effective to distribute secure content over the Internet, Mobile phones (inc. iPhone) and Offline storage devices.

Moreover, Publishers and Content Owners can enjoy the advantages of e-publishing without the fear of having their content being vulnerable to unauthorized distribution. NetIS™ creates an appetizing and highly ranked environment for search engines increasing Google’s referrals to the content while still maintaining protection.

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Business Details

CDI Systems, Ltd.
8 Hamarpe St, JERUSALEM 91450, Israel
+972 (2) 587 0112
Contact Person
Gedaliah Gurfein (COO)