Transportation & Logistic

Leguimatt Cargo (Older Business Opportunities, Transportation & Logistic)

LEGUIMATT CARGO is an international commerce agency located in Israel. The agency assists its customers to perform international procedures, such as: export/import, buying/selling commodities/products, representing, international logistics, locating distributors/manufacturers and more international services. The agency is looking for international trade companies around the globe, who would like to cooperate & assist in performing international services. […]

D A Ratz Carries Services Ltd. (Older Business Opportunities, Transportation & Logistic)

D A Ratz Carries Services Ltd. provide a vast range of services; they are a “One Stop Shop” where we are able to offer their clients numerous possibilities.  their customized and highly efficient solutions provide the client with a fast and cost-effective service with no compromise on quality.  D A Ratz Carries Services Ltd. services include:  – Transport […]

Intervox (Older Business Opportunities, Transportation & Logistic)

Intervox, as a growing enterprise manufactures and develops its products for security oriented markets and public transportation manufacturers locally and abroad. Intervox Systems earned great success and reputation do to its state of the art technology and ability to provide personal and professional service to its clientele. Now days, In addition to its highly regarded […]

Office Solutions (Older Business Opportunities, Transportation & Logistic)

OFFICE SOLUTIONS offers Virtual Assistance Services that will allow foreign companies wishing to penetrate the local market, to have a representative and contact person in Israel, who will be responsible for all administrative aspects and on-going activities related to the organization.

Globe Star Shipping Pty Ltd (Older Business Opportunities, Transportation & Logistic)

Emco-Marine Ltd. (Older Business Opportunities, Transportation & Logistic)

Emco Marine is a leading company in Israel, providing Marine & Container services and Air Equipment Maintenance & services. Emco Marine carries out the loading and unloading, lashing and unlashing, and the tally. We can carry out refrigerated transportation. Disassembled factories can be stored in our depots. Emco Marine is also dealing with worldwide container […]

AFC Technolgies (Older Business Opportunities, Transportation & Logistic)