Service Provider

RPM – Global Project Management (Business Opportunities, Projects & Engineering, Service Provider)

RPM has a vast range  of services allowing the customer to cut through the logistical complexities and get down to business. As an international company expanding in Israel, you’ll face struggles that have nothing to do with your actual business. In addition to finding your way around, you’ll encounter complications in bureaucracy and logistics that […]

Zeev Lisson & Co. – Law Office & Notary (Business Opportunities, Service Provider)

Zeev Lisson & Co. – Law Office specializes in law and notary services in Israel as well as in Lithuania and other Russian speaking countries.   They offer services at law and notary in the areas of: Visa and other Israeli permits Real Estate Investments & Business opportunities Business contracts Civil & Commercial Litigation and […]

Lior Pick & Co. (Business Opportunities, Service Provider)

International Tax Planning, Real Estate, Trust Laws, Wills and inheritances, High-tech, Hedge funds, Banking and finance, Commercial law, Corporate & M&A, Financial services & products, Tax laws, Venture capital

GYD (Business Opportunities, Service Provider)

GYD  help israeli exporters in collecting debts overseas.

Milo Abilities Maximization Ltd. (Service Provider)

The company specializes in consultancy, training and coaching to firms on different levels. Among their services: Corporate consulting and development Establishing and maintaining quality management systems Training and development Improving performance, methods and processes Quality management outsourcing Human resources outsourcing Business coaching

Amir Marom – Business Consulting (Older Business Opportunities, Service Provider)

Amir Marom is a well respected business consultant with wide managerial experience who offers business development services and representation to global companies, business men, and entrepreneurs who wish to penetrate the Israeli market.

OREL Financial Solutions (Older Business Opportunities, Service Provider)

OREL is an investment company, specializing in the investment and development of products for the consumer market.  The company developed a unique investment model which includes 2 essential properties.   The company provides solutions to the products’ requirements. 1.         Go-No-Go – A one week process. 2.         Business Program. 3.         Editing Intellectual Properties rights. 4.         Product […]

Exsellent Solutions (Older Business Opportunities, Service Provider)

Exsellent Solutions aims to become a market leader in the fields of business development, business networking and market expansion operations. We will attend to your company’s each and every business need, thus allowing it to further develop and become more successful.

Sharif Merissat – Law Offices (Older Business Opportunities, Service Provider)

Civil & Commercial Law, Business Consulting, Debt Collection

Dreamtime Consulting (Older Business Opportunities, Service Provider)

Dreamtine, together with Spire Research, specialize in Emerging Markets across Asia. Asia is not only an enormous potential market, but is also critical region for sourcing of raw materials, business services and manufacturing capabilities that can influence the profitability of your business. Together with almost endless business potential, Asia also presents significant obstacles that together, […]