Security & Safety

MTC Industries and Research Carmiel Ltd. (Business Opportunities, Security & Safety)

For over 30 years MTC has successfully delivered innovative solutions to Aerospace, Defense and UAV Industries worldwide. MTC designs, develops, customizes and manufactures Electro-Mechanical Components and Thermal Spray Coatings. MTC has highly-experienced RD and Engineering divisions, products are continually evolving to meet the changing demands of customers. With complete solutions under one roof, MTC is […]

Tri – Logical Technology (Electronic, IT & Communication, Security & Safety)

Founded in 1994, Tri-Logical Technologies develops, supplies, supports and maintains management solutions for civilian, security and ‎military organizations. Tri-Logical integrates its products with Cellular / Wireless communications ‎components, GPS, mobile peripheral equipment, sensors and controllers, to provide both “off the shelf” ‎systems and “tailor-made” solutions to meet the customer needs. These systems are marketed to […]

Spetrotec Ltd. (Security & Safety)

Spetrotec Ltd. specializes in the development, design and manufacturing of advanced vehicle security and tracking systems. All our products are developed and manufactured in house and under one roof. Our products are produced and tested according to industry standards and comply with ISO9001 and IQNET standards. Click here to read more about their prodcuts.

Solaris Energy Systems Ltd. (Cleantech, Security & Safety)

The company develops, produces and distributes a new unique and efficient device to prevent theft of solar panels. The product is sold in Israel and is mandatory requirement for PV plant insurance. Looking for exporting it overseas.

Water-Gen LTD (Cleantech, Security & Safety, Water)

Independent system that extracts and purifies water from ambient air, dispensing cold, fresh, pure drinking water for the vehicle’s crew. The system is scaled to fit military tactical vehicles and can be produced in different dimensions, shapes, and water production capabilities (25-100 liters/day or 8-25 gallons/day). This solution is a full integration of the components […]

CeifiT (Security & Safety)

CeifiT is an investigative consulting firm, compose of veterans of the Israeli intelligence community. The company offers comprehensive research, analysis and counseling services. CeifiT team led By Mr. Oreg has developed several  professional training courses, designated for law enforcement officials from different parts of the globe, to equip them with necessary tools to confront “Global […]

IMCO INDUSTRIES LTD (Agriculture, Mining, Mineral & Oil, Security & Safety)

IMCO Industries Ltd. (Tel Aviv Stock Exchange-TASE: IMCO), a leading Israeli company, specializes in the development, design and production of mechanical, electro-mechanical, electrical and electronic products, assemblies and sub-assembles for airborne, land and naval applications. LED Lights for mining, agriculture and construction From electrical harnesses and electromechanical devices to leading-edge LED lighting systems, the IMCO […]

eVigilo ltd (Security & Safety)

In today’s environment emergency authorities are struggling with multiple challenges; managing the vast information input received from different sources such as First responders (Police, Fire dep., Rescue Forces, Army etc.), Sensors, Partner Networks (neighboring countries, UN information network etc.) and coping with the challenge to make this information available to the citizen across multimedia platforms […]

Elkat Security Engineering Ltd (Electronic, Older Business Opportunities, Security & Safety)

Elkat is a leading Israeli integrator, manufacturer and distributor of sophisticated electronic equipment for the security field. We also offer protection solutions for organizations and individuals. We have specialized in this field since 1984. Our field of expertise is in the following sectors:  Interception Systems – GSM & CDMA Fully Passive Systems. Jammers – Various […]

ATHENA GS3 Security Implementations Ltd (Older Business Opportunities, Security & Safety)

ATHENA GS3 Security Implementations Ltd. is a leading global security integrator. ATHENA GS3 is uniquely positioned to deliver end-to-end security solutions for the government sector, the public sector and private organizations worldwide. Our experience in confronting some of the world’s nastiest, best-motivated, and most sophisticated terrorists has taught us that safety isn’t enough. To be […]