Security & Safety

Pal Electronics Systems (Business Opportunities, Security & Safety)

Pal Electronics Systems is seeking to partner with distributors for security solutions  (access control) in Australia. Pal Electronics Systems delivers advanced secure access control systems along with cloud service abilities. They provide a wide range of accessories that make installation and service procedure effective and secure. Secured product range: GSM units 50 and up to […]

Elpam Electronics (Business Opportunities, Security & Safety)

Elpam is looking for a distributor for their Trapped Person Locator System, Sirens Systems, Weapon & Metal Detectors, Mines detectors, Tunnels Detector System. Elpam Electronics Ltd. founded in 1972. Over the years, the company operations grow from only the State of Israel to the global market, developing advanced technologies in Electronics, in order to meet […]

Synel Industries (Business Opportunities, IT & Communication, Security & Safety)

Synel has a strong worldwide position in Access Control and Time and attendance solutions, active in over 32 countries including Ghana, 35,000 installations with more than 180,000 terminals, subsidiaries in USA, UK, France and Sweden and more than 30 years of market leadership. Synel are very active in the access control, time and attendance & […]

Duram Mask (Business Opportunities, Mining, Mineral & Oil, Security & Safety)

Duram, a leading manufacturer of quality personal escape masks, providing advanced solutions to the chemical, petrochemical, oil, gas, defense and mine industry since 1989. Duram Masks provide maximum protection against smoke and toxic gases resulting from fire, chemicals or biological/chemical warfare agents.  Efficiently designed to be portable and easy to use, Duram masks provide immediate […]

Rav-Bariach Industries Ltd (Business Opportunities, Security & Safety)

Rav-Bariach was established in 1973 and has been a leader in the door manufacturing field ever since.   The company and its leading brand “Pladelet” have become synonymous with security doors and its stellar reputation is a result of its top quality products, creative thinking, uncompromised quality and millions of satisfied customers in Israel and […]

LOTAN SECURITY LTD. (Business Opportunities, Security & Safety)

Mass Crowd Events Hosting a Mass Crowd Event likes of, world championships, large concerts, or national rally is a matter of prestige and pride for any host country. Many governments see this opportunity to project the nation on the world stage. The understanding of the host nation that security must be incorporated into all other […]

GRSEE Consulting (Business Opportunities, IT & Communication, Security & Safety)

GRSee Consulting – See the risk.  Govern IT. GRSee Consulting is an information security consulting firm that specializes in Governance, Risk Management and Compliance.  Each expert member of our team has years of security experience, and has practiced the information security doctrine in its entirety.  We are dedicated to focusing on the following areas:  information […]

Magnus Engineering & Maintenance LTD (Business Opportunities, Security & Safety)

MAGNUS is a one-stop supplier for total testing solutions. These solutions span a wide range of design, engineering, software development, production and logistics, from individual testing equipment to upgrading and converting existing testing facilities to total turnkey test systems packages. MAGNUS provides custom-tailored solutions. Flexibility is the key. The integration of innovative engineering with cost effective […]

MTC Industries and Research Carmiel Ltd. (Business Opportunities, Security & Safety)

For over 30 years MTC has successfully delivered innovative solutions to Aerospace, Defense and UAV Industries worldwide. MTC designs, develops, customizes and manufactures Electro-Mechanical Components and Thermal Spray Coatings. MTC has highly-experienced RD and Engineering divisions, products are continually evolving to meet the changing demands of customers. With complete solutions under one roof, MTC is […]

Tri – Logical Technology (Electronic, IT & Communication, Security & Safety)

Founded in 1994, Tri-Logical Technologies develops, supplies, supports and maintains management solutions for civilian, security and ‎military organizations. Tri-Logical integrates its products with Cellular / Wireless communications ‎components, GPS, mobile peripheral equipment, sensors and controllers, to provide both “off the shelf” ‎systems and “tailor-made” solutions to meet the customer needs. These systems are marketed to […]