Business Opportunities

Celtinel (Business Opportunities, IT & Communication)

Celtinel is an advanced AI solution for better engagement during phone calls. The platform uses public and internal sources to profile contacts, as well as machine learning and natural language processing to record, transcribe and analyse the conversation in real time. Contact us to be put in touch with the Australian representative of Celtinel.

Glassbox Digital (Business Opportunities, IT & Communication)

Glassbox is the only enterprise-grade customer analytics platform that allows users to capture, index, search, retrieve, replay and drive real-time machine learning-driven insights from data related to digital customer journeys. It enables online customer experience professionals to receive automatic alerts about customer struggles and technical anomalies and act upon them. Glassbox does all this whilst […]

Ocon Med (Business Opportunities, Life Science)

Ocon Med has developed and manufactures a new copper intrauterine device. The IUBTM Ballerine® MIDI (Ocon Healthcare Ltd., Israel) is a uniquely designed spherical intrauterine copper device that better conforms to the uterine cavity, thereby minimizing endometrial irritation and ensuring maximal comfort.  Compared to standard T shaped IUDs, the IUB has been shown to eliminate malpositioning […]

BeerBong (Business Opportunities, Food & Beverage)

Lepidolite has a special beer bong patent which allows drinkers to drink the beer inside in two ways: as a regular beer bottle or upside down. This innovative packaging allows you to drink the beer as you wish at parties – and if ‘chugging’ is involved – without the need for messy funnels and tubes. […]

Mayaya (Business Opportunities, Fashion & Textiles)

Mayaya is a kidswear brand which started 3 1/2 years ago and currently sells from Israel to Worldwide. Mayaya is internationally beloved for their boho streetwear with a strong urban sensibility. Strong graphics, muted palettes, soft cotton, and sophisticated silhouettes are the foundation of the brand, which is 100% designed and manufactured in Israel.   Mayaya […]

Blush Fashion (Business Opportunities, Fashion & Textiles)

Blush are a wedding dress boutique, making affordable and comfortable ready to wear boho style wedding and bridesmaids dresses ranging in price from $99-$500. They are looking for an Australian wedding dress boutique to partner with and sell their designs in Australia

Coral Detection Systems

Coral has developed the world’s most innovative drowning detection system for residential pools, based on advanced computer vision technologies.Their pre-trained system utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to enable accurate recognition of drowning events and real time alerts Coral are looking to partner with an Australian company that sells pool supplies Contact our office for more […]

VeriFresh (Business Opportunities, Cosmetics & Toiletries)

VeriFresh produce natural oral care products. Their products include floss, tongue cleaners, fresh breath & gum health kits, bamboo toothbrushes and all of their products have recyclable and biodegradable packaging. They are looking for an Australian distributor with strong connections with health stores and pharmacies to distribute their products. Contact our office for more details.

77 Smooth (Business Opportunities, Food & Beverage, News)

77 Smooth produce high quality vodka and arak under the highest kosher supervision. Their vodka is kosher for Passover, a claim almost no other vodka can make. They are looking for an Australian partner and distributor for their drinks. Contact our office for more details.

Air Doctor (Business Opportunities, Life Science)

      Air Doctor offers a very simple solution for travelers to find doctors and schedule appointments while abroad. Air doctor is a simple online marketplace of verified and professional private practitioners made for travelers, who can now independently and easily choose a medical provider to treat them; just as if they were back […]