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How Israel Is Driving Innovation in Consumer Goods Technology (Cosmetics & Toiletries, Fashion & Textiles, Latest News Israel, Top Stories)

Friday, November 22nd, 2019

Technology is sparking innovation across all walks of life and the consumer goods sector is no exception. From health and beauty, to food, to ecommerce, cutting-edge technology is enhancing products and bringing greater convenience and efficiency to consumers’ lives. The consumer packaged goods industry is harnessing IT to create direct relationships with consumers, manage demand-driven […]

Israel’s Sustainable Tech Is Powering Clean Innovation (Cleantech, Latest News Israel, News, Top Stories)

Friday, November 8th, 2019

In study after study, the Start-Up Nation ranks among the most innovative countries in the world. Israel is also by far the most resourceful country when it comes to wastewater management, recycling 87 percent of its wastewater – far outstripping second-place Spain, which recycles 20 percent. At first glance, these two facts may appear unrelated […]

NRF 2020 Will Showcase Leading Israeli Retail Tech Innovators (Electronic, Latest News Israel, Top Stories)

Friday, November 1st, 2019

Brick-and-mortar may still account for 90 percent of retail sales in markets like the United States, but the growing popularity of eCommerce, the expectation of seamless customer experiences, and the need for brands to optimize their revenues have retailers of all stripes scrambling to leverage cutting-edge digital solutions. This has proven a boon for Israel’s […]

Israel Leverages R&D Prowess in the Race for 5G (IT & Communication, Latest News Israel, News, Top Stories)

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2019

Israel Leverages R&D Prowess in the Race for 5G What’s the common thread tying together autonomous and connected cars, digital health solutions, robotics, the Internet of Things, and smart city technologies – aside from a shared spirit of innovation? To reach their full potential, each will require a network infrastructure that enables the processing and […]

Inter vox (Automotive, Subcontracting, Metal & Machinery, Business Opportunities)

Inter vox is a car-installed alarm to make sure you never leave accidentally someone important behind. Baby vox is a preventative system used to detect a forgotten child in a private vehicle. For those interested in getting in touch, please contact us.

Medispec (Business Opportunities, Life Science)

Medispec has a range of groundbreaking medical devices, all based on shockwave technology. The devices have many application, from orthopedics, to cardiology, erectile dysfunction, gynecology, nephrology and many more. They are looking for local partners who can distribute their products. Contact us to be put in touch with the Medispec

Celtinel (Business Opportunities, IT & Communication)

Celtinel is an advanced AI solution for better engagement during phone calls. The platform uses public and internal sources to profile contacts, as well as machine learning and natural language processing to record, transcribe and analyse the conversation in real time. Contact us to be put in touch with the Australian representative of Celtinel.

Glassbox Digital (Business Opportunities, IT & Communication)

Glassbox is the only enterprise-grade customer analytics platform that allows users to capture, index, search, retrieve, replay and drive real-time machine learning-driven insights from data related to digital customer journeys. It enables online customer experience professionals to receive automatic alerts about customer struggles and technical anomalies and act upon them. Glassbox does all this whilst […]

Ocon Med (Business Opportunities, Life Science)

Ocon Med has developed and manufactures a new copper intrauterine device. The IUBTM Ballerine® MIDI (Ocon Healthcare Ltd., Israel) is a uniquely designed spherical intrauterine copper device that better conforms to the uterine cavity, thereby minimizing endometrial irritation and ensuring maximal comfort.  Compared to standard T shaped IUDs, the IUB has been shown to eliminate malpositioning […]

BeerBong (Business Opportunities, Food & Beverage)

Lepidolite has a special beer bong patent which allows drinkers to drink the beer inside in two ways: as a regular beer bottle or upside down. This innovative packaging allows you to drink the beer as you wish at parties – and if ‘chugging’ is involved – without the need for messy funnels and tubes. […]