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A.S.C.C. – Avihai. Supply. Center. Connect (Automotive, Subcontracting, Metal & Machinery, Business Opportunities, Food & Beverage, Mining, Mineral & Oil, Older Business Opportunities)

We A.S.C.C., representative & Mandate of buyer & seller looking for Trade, Buyers & sellers of the following commodities: AU metal – Gold, Diamond and other Scrap metal – HMS, Used Rails, Iron Ore and other Fuel, Oils & Gaz – D2, Mazut, Jp54, LNG and other Other minerals and Urea45, wood, cement, glass, plastic […]

MGT Liquid & Process Systems (Construction, Mining, Mineral & Oil, Older Business Opportunities, Projects & Engineering)

MGT has over 40 years experience of design and manufacture of Stainless Steel Process Vessels, Pressure Vessels and Agitators, serving the dairy, beverage, food, cosmetics, bio-pharma and chemical industries. We manufacture to ASME or API Standards, hold both ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 and We can offer third party inspection of our plant and equipment […]

BioPetroClean (Business Opportunities, Cleantech, Mining, Mineral & Oil, Older Business Opportunities)