IT & Communication

Configo (Business Opportunities, IT & Communication)

Configo is looking to partner with corporates who develop apps in a highly regulated industry.  Configo is the “swiss army knife“ for mobile applications, aimed at providing an umbrella platform for all mobile application needs. Configo enables mobile focused teams to release new features in a controlled manner, test, measure, fine tune, and even disable them – […]

ExposeBox (Business Opportunities, IT & Communication)

ExposeBox is seeking to partner with e-retailers in Australia. ExposeBox provides media and analytics management solutions for suppliers of online marketplaces and classifieds. The ExposeBox platform allows the e-retailer to customise the shopping experience and tailor products and offers according to a customer’s exact tastes and browsing habits, promote relevant products at the right time and place, […]

XTRMX Ltd (Business Opportunities, Film Industry, IT & Communication)

XTRMX is seeking distributors and customers in the broadcast media and film post-production industry. XTRMX addresses industrial collaboration needs with an exclusive, in-house technology. It has developed the ‘Modus’ media engine, which allows content to be updated, edited and reviewed without having to upload the media file. The product’s key advantages are summarised below: Enables […]

ParKam (Business Opportunities, IT & Communication)

ParKam, a company that offers smart parking technology solutions, is seeking partners in the Australian parking industry.  ParKam’s state of the art navigation system guarantees that users of the ParKam app will always arrive at an available parking spot. The system is based on Real Time Computer vision. To find the best available parking spot, […]

SatMind (Business Opportunities, IT & Communication)

SatMind provides solutions (software and hardware) for satellite communication users like shipping companies, teams in rural areas and more, to make their communications cheaper and more manageable. SatMind has developed an integrated voice and data communications work platform for companies in remote areas that access the internet through satellite communication. The voice and internet platform incorporates a […]

WebyClip (Business Opportunities, IT & Communication)

WebyClip is seeking to partner with local e-commerce and airline OTA (online travel agency) companies in Australia. WebyClip offers a smart, easy and quick way to add user-targeted, contextual and personalised videos to any e-commerce or travel page. WebyClip’s unique curation platform automatically pairs relevant videos to various contexts, including landing pages, search results pages […]

APEO – polling for social media (Business Opportunities, IT & Communication)

APEO is seeking customers in Australia for their free software, relevant to news sources, bloggers, journalists, activists, event hosts and more. APEO is a leading Israeli company that has free polling software, designed specifically for social media channels. APEO allows for quick ,easy poll creation and distribution via social media channels and web. They are […]

Miltel Communications Ltd. (Agriculture, Business Opportunities, IT & Communication, Water)

Miltel are seeking local partners for their meter reading and data transmission technology in meter manufacturing and distribution (water, gas, electricity) and system integration. Miltel has developed a series of commercial applications based upon our proprietary Data Acquisition and Transport (“DAT”) technology. DAT is a wireless communications technology that is adaptable to local radio regulations, […]

Sitehood Internet Communication LTD (Business Opportunities, IT & Communication)

Sitehood Internet Communication LTD are look for a distributor or representative in the Australian market. SiteHood provides solutions to thousands of websites customers that enjoy a powerful technology as well as courteous and personal customer service. SiteHood produced a requested and efficient solution for websites that improves the conversion processes of visitors to actual transactions. SiteHood’s customers report hundreds percent increase of in […]

ATIR Engineering Software Development Ltd (Business Opportunities, Construction, IT & Communication)

ATIR is looking to expand their presence in the Australian Market. ATIR continues to change the game in the structural engineering world. A state-of-the- art tool for engineers, ATIR’s programs can help transform even the most imaginative architectural designs to a workable structural model. Click here for a full company profile.  ATIR Engineering Software Development […]